STORAGE AnyWare is another stand-alone module in the OFFICE AnyWare™ suite of
virtualized products. It is designed for businesses that need are exploring what storage
and backup virtualization is all about, but may need immediate additional data storage
capacity. STORAGE AnyWare utilizes the best in reliable and fully monitored offsite
data storage in archiving vaults.

With STORAGE AnyWare your data is protected behind an enterprise-class security
perimeter within our world class data centers. STORAGE AnyWare brings the
reassurance that in the unlikely event of ‘local’ data loss, sensitive and vital company
information/data can be restored on-the-fly, when and where needed.

As an added benefit…STORAGE AnyWare is also monitored by the gatekeepers of
SECURE AnyWare™, who are ‘always aware’, and ‘always available’ to protect your
data and your network.

Don’t make the mistake that many business owners do by assuming that their most
valuable asset, their sensitive electronic data, is safe from compromise, loss or theft.
Call or email our ASIERUS today – the storage and data security experts.