At the core of OFFICE AnyWare is the ASIERUS SMART NOC, or System Management and Realtime Technology – Network Operations Center. SMART NOC is host to a unified network management system that remotely monitors and manages all customer network resources. SMART NOC is also home to the SUPPORT AnyWare, High-Tech Help-Desk, providing anytime, anywhere customer and end user support.

In an asserted effort to build OFFICE AnyWare’s functionality and bring the managed services industry the first and most robust virtualized network from SAN2SServer2Desktop, ASIERUS has partnered with the following industry leaders:

IBM® for powerful xSeries servers and SAN solution
VMWARE® for virtualization capabilities
Fortinet® for firewall security appliances and technologies
Authenex® for authentication technologies

As a key component to the suite of OFFICE AnyWare products and services, SMART NOC will maintain the form and function of supporting these offerings. SMART NOC raises the bar of support of customer’s networks by integrating the technologies of OFFICE AnyWare, ACCESS AnyWare, SECURE AnyWare, and SUPPORT AnyWare. For more information about harnessing the power and flexibility of SMART NOC monitoring and managed services capabilities for your business, call or email us today.