The Network and Virtualization Experts

SERVER AnyWare is an integral part of OFFICE AnyWare’s™ suite of virtualized products and services. It can literally infuse life into your existing network through virtualization technology. It is enterprise-class servers at your finger tips, and ready for immediate deployment at the click of a button. You don’t have to go through the time consuming process of procurement, cost for R & D, testing, or, even a learning curve. For a day, a week, or longer, SERVER AnyWare is tested, proven, and supported by experts for any server operating system or project you need.

While SERVER AnyWare plays a major role in OFFICE AnyWare’s complete virtualized suite, it can also ‘stand-alone’ as a ‘server only’ provisioning tool that allows customers to immediately allocate more or less ‘server resources’ when and where needed – with a click of a button, or a phone call if you prefer.

SERVER AnyWare can literally be turned on in minutes, giving you the added server resources your network needs. More impressively, you never have to worry about the latest upgrades, patches or security threats because SERVER AnyWare is protected and continuously monitored by our SECURE AnyWare and SUPPORT AnyWare™
gatekeepers. All servers are physically hosted in world-class data centers, running on IBM x-series enterprise-class appliances, and provide automatic redundancy to ensure complete reliability and peak server performance.

Use SERVER AnyWare as an added resource or development tool for testing or deployment of a new application. SERVER AnyWare is all about real-time allocation and provisioning of enterprise-class server resources, when, where, and how much is needed. We invite you to try SERVER AnyWare, if you don’t, then let’s hope that your IT department is virtualizing too. If not, let us show you how fast we can increase network performance levels, implement better management controls, and maximize the use of IT resources across the board!

Call the network and virtualization experts at ASIERUS today. They can literally deploy
an enterprise-class server in minutes, at an SMB price.