Too many companies take network and data security for granted, even in these days of
sophisticated network technologies. In fact, IT industry reports state that over 50% of
businesses today are inadequately prepared for network outages, system failures, and/or
catastrophic data loss scenarios, until now.

SECURE AnyWare incorporates our powerful multi-layer network security and intrusion
monitoring system (SMART NOC™) with the industry’s most comprehensive ‘unified
threat management (UTM) solution from Fortinet®, the industry leader for security
virtualization solutions. With the strength of these technologies, SECURE AnyWare is an
incomparable combination against unauthorized network access, data theft, viruses,
spyware, malware, trojans, worms, and even natural disaster.

SECURE AnyWare brings peace-of-mind that your company’s entire network and most
sensitive data is protected behind our vaulted data centers and redundantly backed-up
with our award winning 3D ONLINE Backup™ technology. From SAN2Server2Desktop™
your network is protected from malicious threats, weather disasters, or even physical
theft – always available always protected, and always monitored, by the best network
security system in the business.

Call or email us today to find out how you can protect your company’s most valuable
asset… your data…

Note:SECURE AnyWare meets or exceeds all stringent security and privacy
requirements for all industries such as medical, financial, personal identity, etc.