Although mainframe technology has been available since the 70’s, the PC’s power and
affordability dominated the 80’s. The 90’s brought clustered client/server environments
and the Internet. Today, in our world of web based applications, a paradigm shift from
clustered server farms to more consolidated mid and mainframe environments is taking
place at a blistering pace. Businesses are demanding more from their IT investments,
and virtualized network environments are proving to be the solution of choice.
Businesses fully engaged in the deployment of virtualized infrastructures reap the
immediate benefits of:

•Consolidated IT infrastructures
•Reduced cost of ongoing IT assets and investments
•Predictability of ongoing IT cost
•IT resources that are more flexible, scalable, and immediately available
•Lowered operational cost through efficient use and utilization of IT resources

The foundation of the OFFICE AnyWare suite of products and services introduces an
added twist to the managed services arena. It brings complete virtualization from SAN
2 SERVER 2 DESKTOP, eliminating the need for complex network environments and
the cost of internal support. To learn more about how your business can take full
advantage of virtualizing your network from SAN 2 SERVER 2 DESKTOP, call or email
us today!