While the concept of having your home and office at your finger tips anywhere in the world has been around for years – connectivity, accessibility, and security has not been so forthcoming, until now. With Office AnyWare™, the complexities and affordability is of doing so is no longer a barrier. All you need is a simple connection to the Internet and your favorite browser, and our ACCESS AnyWare™ technology does the rest – ensuring secure access to all of your applications and data – anywhere in the world as if you were sitting at your desk.

With OFFICE AnyWare’s always available seamless network infrastructure, your employees can securely logon to their individual virtual workspace without an expensive and complex VPN. By just plugging in our proprietary USB SECURE AnyWare™
authentification device to any computer connected to the Internet – any web-browser, anywhere in the world, can give your employees instant access to everything they need, when they need it, anywhere they need it.

OFFICE AnyWare, today’s only technology solution for the office that follows you whenever, wherever, anytime you need it.