OFFICE AnyWare is the newest generation of products and network managed services offered by ASIERUS. Its integrated counterparts,

Network AnyWare™
• Server AnyWare™
• Desktop AnyWare™
• SECURE AnyWare™
• SUPPORT AnyWare™
• Access AnyWare™
• STORAGE AnyWare™

present a complete line-up and supporting cast of technologies that is clearly setting a new pace in virtualization technology, and the outsourced IT managed services arena.

ASIERUS has supported the trend in virtualization and IT consolidation for years and consequently developed and now introduces a patent pending ‘SAN2Server2Desktop’ technology – OFFICE AnyWare. Today, OFFICE AnyWare allows businesses to take advantage of the competitive edge in consolidating and maximizing IT utilization, while dramatically reducing the ongoing investment for IT. More compelling, however, is OFFICE AnyWare’s unique approach to addressing more significant business issues such as:

• Business automation and the seamless integration of IT resources
• Strategic business values like flexibility, agility, and overall continuity
• Adjusting IT to business values, rather than IT controlling the business culture
• Adapting IT to the speed of today’s business ideas and accelerating time to market
• A reduction of IT investments, and true predictability of IT expenditures

Under the old mantra of IT mentality and methodology, businesses waited for IT to accommodate new business ideas, often leaving untouched and untapped opportunities to obsolescence. Today, more and more company executives and business managers are looking for agile, flexible and scalable IT solutions that are immediately available to take advantage of a new business idea, and getting it to market almost in real-time. OFFICE AnyWare was developed and built to answer that challenge today!

If you are a progressive technology conscious business looking to take advantage of the power, flexibility and scalability of OFFICE AnyWare’s ‘SAN2server2desktop’ virtualization technology, call or email us today! We’re confident that your inquiry will be well worth it.