ASIERUS is considered a pioneer of the network managed services industry. From enterprise-class to simple network infrastructures and desktops, our outsourced managed services model has been proven over time and in thousands of businesses from coast to coast. Today, with OFFICE AnyWare, ACCESS AnyWare, SECURE AnyWare, and SUPPORT AnyWare, a new level of managed and monitored network services is changing the landscape of how IT network resources are provided and delivered to our customers.

With our newest network managed services model OFFICE AnyWare, companies can literally eliminate the need for local network infrastructures and the personnel needed to support them, bringing a new paradigm of flexibility, reliability and security to IT. Imagine a network that is always available, always secure, always redundantly backed-up on and offsite, securely accessible anywhere in the world, free from outside threats on data, and completely safe from hardware theft or damage – a network that is immediately scalable, and predictable in performance and expenses… now that’s exciting!

ASIERUS has invested considerable resources equipping our SMART NOC and redundant data centers with enterprise class servers, firewalls, virtualization software, and backup appliances to bring to market the most robust network available for SMB customers. There simply isn’t a better network for businesses looking to take advantage of the latest network technologies and virtualization capabilities. We’ve thoroughly tested it with our partners, we guarantee it, and we’ll back it up with the best managed services and support platform available in the industry. Call or email us today, for your free and private IT evaluation and consultation. What do you have to loose, or more importantly, gain?