Too many businesses take their network and data security for granted. A business most valuable asset is not necessarily tangible as well. Perhaps its not a warehouse full of furniture or electronic hardware, but instead a database of names, customer credit card information, directory of source code, an always-on Internet connection, or something more critical and important to business continuity. With data and identity theft at an all time high, and expected to only get worst before it gets better, it’s no longer optional to protect your electronic business and customer’s data, but it is essential to the survival of most businesses.
Unfortunately, IT industry reports state that over 50% of businesses today are inadequately prepared for network outages/system failures, and/or catastrophic data loss scenarios. All too often, the information stored on local network servers is much more valuable than the hardware itself. However, for most SMB’s today, if a web or database server is stolen or destroyed in a fire, chances that the majority of them would be able to completely and quickly recover its electronic data and restore basic network resources is alarming…until now!
In combination with OFFICE AnyWare’s virtualized network infrastructure, and SECURE AnyWare’s multi-layer threat, and disaster mitigation management services platform, your data is safe and protected from malicious threats, acts of god (weather disasters), or even physical theft. Your entire network and data resides behind our data center vaults and firewalls, constantly monitored and redundantly backed-up to another strategically located data center in the unlikely event of an outage. There simply is no other security solution available today to provide your business with this level of data security and assurance that far exceeds what a data insurance policy would do for your business.
Don’t make the mistake that many business owners make by assuming that their most valuable asset, their electronic data, is safe and secure. Call or email us today for ‘peace of mind’ and your network and data security evaluation/consultation. It’s free, and your business and customers are entitled to it.