ASIERUS’ industry recognized ‘Carefree Technology Certification’ process’ includes an in-depth product testing period that goes far beyond just the functional aspects of a particular vendors software or hardware product. In order to gain the seal of approval and classification from ASIERUS as a certified “Carefree Technology’, all software or hardware products must pass an extensive due diligence phase where they must pass a thorough testing process that validates quality of assurance protocols set by ASIERUS.

This product certification process includes user interviews / report cards, actual product stress-testing in a multi-user environment, analyzing vendor’s customer / technical / support philosophies, and ongoing user methodologies. Most importantly however, that the vendor’s ‘Service Level Agreements’ (SLA) complies with ASIERUS’ SLA compliancy guidelines. These core principals provide ASIERUS and its customers that they are using the best of breed business practices and IT products available while also ensuring our client businesses that ASIERUS support personnel understand and know their products intimately.