Next in the suite of OFFICE AnyWare technologies – ACCESS AnyWare represents the ability to allow local or remote access to internal applications, data, and network resources. This breakthrough technology allows businesses to maximize:

• Full utilization of IT resources whether local or remote access
• Flexibility to work from home, office, road, everywhere
• Simplification of secure remote access

ACCESS AnyWare™ is a key component to OFFICE AnyWare’s line-up of ground breaking network technologies, freeing you and your business from the rigid network silos of yesterday. You no longer have to be tied to your desk at home or the office because with ACCESS AnyWare, your network follows you. Through ACCESS AnyWare’s virtualized network infrastructure, gaining access to your applications or data is as simple as using an Internet browser anywhere in the world.

From your office desktop, home, Internet Café, any WiFi connection at an airport, hotel, or even in your car using your CDMA / GSM wireless connection, you can gain immediate secured access to everything you have stored on your network at work or personal computer at home. Call or email us today, and let us set you free…to do whatever you need to, when you need to, anywhere in the world.